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Making the most of Your Project

At Colorado Land Advisor we specialize in working with clients to create quality development and redevelopment projects that are financially viable and foster a greater sense of place. Our clients have experienced a greater return on their project through efficiency of design, which is often accomplished by turning constraints into assets. We specialize in: Market Development Studies, Planning and Development Strategies, Financial Analysis, and Project Management. Our goal is to help clients realize the potential of their project so that they realize a greater return on their investment.

Project Analysis Focus:                    Past Projects

* Land Planning 
* Market Research and Analysis Studies
* Project Design

* Market Strategies Development

* Regulatory Approvals Navigation

* Building Design Concepts 
* Development Application Processing
* Subdivision of Land
* Project Report and Submittal
* Phase 1 Limited Environmental Assessment
* Transaction Screen Process Evaluation
* Construction Management
* Stormwater Best Management Practices
* Post Construction Compliance

How should I manage the zoning on my property?

First, get an understanding of what zoning is currently on your property and what possible zones can be applied to your property. Second, understand neighboring properties, how they are zoned, and if any of them are thinking of developing. How do you do this? Have Colorado Land Advisor perform a Market Development Study for you.
What does the City of Grand Junction's Comprehensive Plan mean for my property?
It most certainly changes the value of your property. Through the Comprehensive Plan new zoning and densities are being put on land throughout the valley. An examination of your parcels will reveal what impacts the new Comprehensive Plan has on you as a developer and land owner.
How does the Comprehensive Plan change the value of my property?
The Comprehensive Plan may dramatically effect your value. Not your property taxes. The actual long term value of your property and your ability to develop it in the future is determined by the plan you develop. Colorado Land Advisor will assess your project's value.
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