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Land Owners

Position your biggest investment

to Perform for you.

Common Land  Owner questions:

What governmental regulations do I have to follow to develop my land?
The local Land Use Authority, often the City or County in which you live, has regulatory authority to impose fees, regulations, and restrictions upon how you develop your private land. In order to minimize the impact of these costly regulations an assessment by one of our experts can put you on a path to minimizing costs and time while maximizing the development potential, thus the return on investment.
How does my property fit into my over all financial portfolio?
Land has always been good investment. With the changes in the market in the last 3 years the potential for growth is being reshaped. A wise investor will start developing a plan for their property now. As the economy begins to grow again their project will be shovel ready and can quickly be capitalized and built. Invest while costs are low and sell when high. With the current economic times labor and development costs are low. Now is the time to start shaping your land portfolio.
How can I use my property as a better asset?
By understanding what the assets and limitations of your property are you can begin to shape what the future for your property is. Whether it's divided into large executive lots, or developed into an efficient mixed use development, the decision process starts today.
How should I manage the zoning on my property?
First, get an understanding of what zoning is currently on your property and what possible zones can be applied to your property. Second, understand neighboring properties, how they are zoned, and if any of them are thinking of developing. How do you do this? Have Colorado Land Advisor do a property study for you. 
My neighbor is developing. What does this do to my property?
This will definitely affect your property. Depending on what your neighbor has planned, it may impact your financial investment in a positive, or negative way. You must be proactive in understanding what is going on and what is happening in your neighborhood.
I don't want to develop my land, I want to protect it. What can I do?
There are many options available to the land owner who wants to be a steward of the land they own. Multiple options exist to maintain the undeveloped state of their property. There are trust programs available to keep the land as it is into perpetuity and still gain financial rewards such as tax incentives and rebates.
I received a Notice of Development Application. What does this mean?
There has been an application to change the zoning or use of a neighboring property to what is not currently designated. This will change the character of your neighborhood and have definite impacts on your property. What those impacts are will require some consultation and research
I received a Notice of Land Use Application. What does this mean?
There has been an application to use a neighboring property in a way that it has not been used before. This will change the character of your neighborhood and have definite impacts on your property. A Land Advisor can help you determine whether those impacts are positive or negative.
If I make decisions about my land today will it increase my property taxes?
By consulting with us some land owners have reduced their taxes while repositioning their property for future development. In most cases your taxes will not change until the land development process is complete and you are ready to start selling parcels.