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Understand the Potential of your listings

Colorado Land Advisor can perform a Development Evaluation to help you and your clients understand the maximum financial potential of their property. We can determine possible zoning, annexation and development options. We can create a concept design out of your ideas. We can quickly navigate through the regulatory process, netting everyone the highest possible return. We love problem properties as it gives us a chance to flex our imagination

Bring your listings into Code Compliance

Realtors, do you have a listing that you have found was built without

proper permits? We can solve that problem for you.

Many homeowners have built additions to their homes without obtaining the proper Planning Clearances and Building Permits. Years later they desire to sell the home only to find out they cannot sell it or, the value of their home is greatly diminished due to lack of proper permits.

Colorado Land Advisor's expertise in regulatory compliance becomes a real asset in these situations. Our expertise can solve these problems quickly and effectively by obtaining the proper credentialing for the project "ex post facto".

Colorado Land Advisor's reputation with government agencies allows us to come in and certify the project so that the liability becomes an asset. The result, the home gets sold at it's highest value.

Call today for an evaluation of the property.